The Bohol Dance Project Company

In 2016, we started The Bohol Dance Project Company. This company showcases Bohol's dancers We invite choreographers (both Filipinos and foreigners) to create for the workshop's top dancers. The goal is to give visibility to the island's dance talent with performances in Bohol and throughout the Philippines. The dancers strengthen their experience and enrich their résumés with international artists coming to them.


The Bohol Dance Project is comprised of professional dancers (Company members) and talented youth (Apprentices). They are paid for their rehearsal and performance time. The company is a professional starting block for the workshop’s most talented.


In 2016, world-renowned artist Gigi Caciuleanu choreographed the company’s first piece, “Blue Way.” This 20-minute quartet is a hymn to life and to the dancers’ group strength. It has been performed three times in Tagbilaran.


In 2017, Filipino choreographer Rama Marcaida was invited to create a new piece based on ethnic dances of the southern Philippines.

The Bohol Dance Project is the meeting of East and West. We feel it is of the utmost importance to showcase Filipino culture in our program, particularly with European tours coming soon.



"For sure, "Blue way" in not the usual dance performance you see live here in Bohol...But like any art form done with passion and grace, Blue way enthralls and more" Bohol Chronicle


"Conceptualized and staged by world-renowned choreographer Gigi Caciuleanu for The Bohol Dance Project Company, "Blue way" was the main attraction of the culminating performance at this year's Bohol International Dance Workshop." The Inquier


"The dance, like a story of a life of its own, progressed from a segmented individual flowing performance into an incorporation of a form, which picks on a motion and celebrates the human body" Bohol Tribune


« It was incredibly emotional to see them own every second of their performance - every pulse, silence, and beat was magical. Fringe has always been about creating intersections and providing a platform for the cross-pollination of artistic practices, processes, and engaging audiences to take risks in seeing performances. Thank you thus far for experiencing #Fringe2018 with us. It’s about making ripples beyond first impact. Thank you for taking a risk with us » Facebook. Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan, Artistic Director, Fringe Festival Manila


"It’s been a while since I enjoyed a show like this one... Sincere, thoughtful, honest, and so much heart and soul! A massive congratulations Guillaume, Rama, Gardy and your beautiful dancers!" Sofia Zobel Elizalde - Artistic Director Steps Dance Studio


« After performing three numbers for an hour and a half, the audience gave the ensemble of four Boholano dancers and a guest, a resounding applause and a standing ovation, some cheering and shouting: Bravo!”  Bohol Tribune



« Four figures then appeared out of an ultramarine blue light background and broke the stage in spurts of disciplined body movements that built up into simple moving lifts and seeming flights in space, giving the audience both moments of peace and turmoil. »