International Dance workshop


Artistic direction :

Nicola Ayoub / Guillaume Morgan



During an artistic residency in Manila in March 2014, choreographers Guillaume Morgan and Nicola Ayoub met Lutgardo Labad, celebrated Filipino artist and initiator of cultural projects in Bohol. At his invitation to teach Bohol's dancers, Guillaume and Nicola decided to organize intensive professional-level dance workshops since 2015.


Each year 30 students participate in daily dance classes of ballet, contemporary, modern jazz, Pangalay (traditional Filipino dance), as well as floor barre, yoga, and drama. The 100-hour intensive program must be fully completed. All classes are mandatory.


The invited teachers are well-known in their domains nationally and internationally:


Nicola Ayoub (USA)

Guillaume Morgan (France)

Rama Marcaida (Philippines)

Karine Leven (France)

Gigi Caciuleanu (France)

Pj Rebullida (Philippines)

Sarah-Lou Duriez (France)

Jay Banquil (Philippines)

Jerrey Aguilar (Philippines)

Nathanaelle Guisset-Heriteau (France)


The pedagogical team strives to guide each student to his greatest potential. The International Dance Workshop supports those who wish to fully pursue an artistic career by offering them the possibility to earn their livelihood from it. Thus, two talented Boholano artists, Jerrey Aguilar and Jay Banquil, are teaching theater and modern dance in this year’s Basic workshop. They are paid for their work and also benefit from attending the Advanced workshop.


This project has created a strong dynamic amongst the young artists of Bohol and many of our students have started transmitting their knowledge to friends and youngsters.

With little money but lots of energy and hard work we have succeeded in creating a world-class dance program for Bohol. Today we deserve your support in preserving it!